bread and wine.

hux was reading, there's a hair in my dirt, when i thought about the song, mr. tambourine man. so we went 2 u tube and listened, whereupon he fell asleep. i ventured in2 u tube golden years, moving from one nostalgic song 2 the next. from mr. tambourine, i morphed 2 sounds of silence, 2 bridge over troubled water from simon and garfunkel 2 elvis, 2 bob dylan 2 the righteous bros 2 ghost w demi moore and patrick swayze. my eyes welled up w tears. oh i want so much 2 help the world be a finer place, 4 the disenfranchised 2 always have bread and wine, ignazio silone; oh what a fine book. i went upstairs and downed a few shots of tequilla, comforting my soul 4 where i have not yet gone. i must produce, i must get there. i must yield results, and change the nature of the world, 4 my fellow beings. my soul's reason is sacred love, sacred chow. sacred, yes. chow be kind. i am here 4 love, i am here 4 u my love, my fellow being.
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