Seitan in the making ...

It all started as a mass of seitan. Boss Man spent a good long time working that springy, spongy thing into the big giant beast of a seitan.

No colour, flavour, or much of anything else to start. And of course, the starch water splashed everywhere, and left behind trails that looked like white paint. And onwards he worked, squeezing out the excess water, and building up the gluten more and more, so that it has that texture that he was searching for.

Because it was so messy, I wasn't able to take a picture of us stretching the seitan over the work table, and stuffing it with sauteed escarole with onions and spices and lots of vegan cheese. Suffice it to say, if I'd picked up the camera, it would have damaged the camera, and Boss Man would have had to buy a new phone, and that would have been doubleplusungood. So, I abstained, and just helped Boss Man roll it up and transfer it to the waiting sheet of yuba that was in the roasting dish.

The two knots you see towards you are just the beginning of getting that seitan beast under control. It wanted to spread out, and unfold, not keep neat and tight. After watching hour after endless hour of food TV, trussing is second nature to me. I've done it in my head a few thousand times. I had that roast all neatly trussed in short order. Then came the good part. The baking and basting. And baking. And basting. And baking. And basting some more.

The seitan darkened in colour as we continued to baste it and roast it low and slow. It took a good long while, but at the end, the outside was dark dark dark brown, and savoury looking. I'm currently boiling up some parsnips and sweet potatoes to make a Fall Vegetable Mash to go on the side (if one should choose such a combination). I'm sure it'll be lovely.

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