Hi there -- Heard raves about the cookies, and the Walk was a super-duper success.  We had many more people and raised way more money than last year.  Thanks for being a part of history!  :)   Peace and love to you, R.

What Robyn refers to is Farm Sanctuary's annual Walk For Farm Animals. Farm Sanctuary is a haven for animals. I've been there myself, during a giant vegan meetup, and got married there to my wonderful husband Steve at the Rainbow Bridge.

If you were there at the walk, kudos to you! They raised a lot more money than last year, but still need help with volunteers at the farm, cash donations, and spreading the word about their work and the importance of it.

Sacred Chow donated 200 cookies for the walk, at the request of the lovely Robyn Lazara, who emailed us months ago to ask us to help. I hope everyone enjoyed the cookies as much as we enjoy making them. :)

If you haven't yet, definitely consider taking a trip up to Watkins Glenn to go see the lovely setup they've got going there. They even have lodging on premises that is fairly inexpensive. Neighbouring Ithaca is quite vegan friendly, and has plenty of things to do (used book stores, vegan friendly restaurants, cute little hole-in-the-wall bars and pubs, cute little night clubs, etc.) and is relatively inexpensive to visit.
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