we've come 4 u petar teartar!

a vendor chow's been doing biz w 4 a very long time and i recently had some hard dealings, specifically w their bookkeeper, who is sometimes a nasty witch. last night while i slept, off i went 2 their factory, which i've never been 2, w little boy hux. everything was in black & white. we boarded an empty train w food wrappers splayed on the floor. the conductor was a skeleton figure that didnt move, but 4 his hand guiding the steering wheel. it only stopped where we needed 2 get off, and we walked 2 this austere, severe gray building. we had 2 walk all the way 2 the back of an old, broken down, dreary factory. it had very high, endless ceilings, lots of fans spinning in window sills. we walked 2 the farthest point, 2 the back of the empty factory, where the bookkeeper was sitting. she was sitting above us, like a judge in a court-room. we were invited there 2 taste their vanilla soymilk and vanilla soy ice cream, which she had promised would be tasty and priced competitively. it was quite tasty, but i told her that the price was higher than what we were now paying. all of a sudden, many people started lining up 2 taste these items, and the bookkeeper lost interest in us. so we decided 2 leave thru the back entrance. the streets here were desolate, oddly quiet, frightening, empty of people; the buildings were tall, 20-30 stories, made of brick but completely falling apart and bombed out, one after another, like dresden, germany after ww2. in the silence, bricks could be heard falling, ravens calls shouting out. i thought we should turn around and go back 2 the factory bc i wasnt sure how 2 get 2 the train from where we were, and i was scared. suddenly a subway entrance appeared, but its door was locked w chains. i pulled it 2 open, and i was able 2 open it enuf 4 us 2 fit thru. the stairway was extremely narrow, as wide as our bodies. it was strewn with debris, which made it difficult 2 walk. the exit was a through a man-hole that i had 2 lift 2 maneuver us through. there was a commotion of rioting people, & a large police force w shields. the rioters were chanting: " we've come 4 u petar teartar, we've come 4 u!" the police started 2 pull hux by his arms through the man-hole, and i was grabbing him by his legs back down. his name in the dream was petar teartar. i lost hold and out he went in2 the street. and the police screamed at him: " we've come 4 u petar teartar, we've come 4 u!" i jumped up 2 grab him, and the police let out a spray of bullets. i shielded us. i could feel the bullets penetrating the back of my body. i said, " petar r u still alive?" now the crowd was singing in a harsh military tune: " we've come 4 u petar teartar, we've come 4 u petar teartar!" hux and i were lying on the street, as the crowd was converging closer and closer repeating their song. i was shaking him, shaking him, shaking him, petar, petar, petar, and i shook myself up out of sleep, and hux or petar was soundly asleep.
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