the best night of my life!

saturday, chow had a busy, busy brunch, and sounds like an even busier, especially fun and spookier, dinner according 2 hari's facebook post: "What do 4 penguins, an 80s go-go dancer, a bunny rabbit, something from Star Wars, a wicked witch, a black cat "meeow!", a goblin and a huge blonde afro have in common? They could all be seen at Chow tonight! Happy Halloween!" i had 2 go 2 chow 2 help orient chef dardi, as it was her 2nd brunch time @ the chow. hux came with me, he read, ate scrambled tofu on top of a sliced, toasted biscuit w white gravy and a sprinkle of white pepper. that's how he likes it. i went in2 the kitchen 2 prepare it 4 him, and he yelled out, "and daddy, dont 4get the white pepper. AND NO COLLARDS!" i had 2 stay much longer than i expected, helping chef dardi figure the logistics of brunch. he bought himself a new game 4 his ds called fossil fighters. oh he's all excited about this one, even more so than pokemon, 4 the moment at any rate. it was about 8:30pm saturday and we hadnt gone trick or treating, and he got all sad and teary, crying loudly that it was the worst day of his life. he mentioned some nasty words w my name attached 2 them bc i felt 2 tired 2 go trick or treating, and i was sure he wouldnt receive any bounty. " it's 8 frickin 30," i bellowed, " no one's gonna have any more candy, and u'll be the only kid out there." finally, after a few i really hate u's, out we went in2 the rainy night w his scary and cuter than an easter bunny costume, an all skeleton metallic mask, feet, hands and body suit. ambivalent i was but not hux. assertive, strong, confident, right in2 dunkin donuts, "trick or treat," he demanded w an open bag. next, every corner deli, starbucks, 3 duane reade's, rite aide, lowes cinema, cvs, 2 subway's, border's, another dunkin donuts...we went up, around, and down this block and that block, and he said, "daddy, i am almost done, wow, my bag is full, i have just 2 more halloween destinations i want 2 try." in2 an ice cream store, "sorry", the man said, "all out." kindly, hux said, " hey u have cookies!" "well they're packaged in a big bag that i cant open," the man said. owning the night, hux said, " hey, ice cream is great!" standing firmly with his bag open and up high, and w other folks watching, smiling and admiring his bravado, the man agreed. "pick any ice cream u'd like!" he said in a cheery voice. i was amazed at hux's tenacity and self-confidence, courage and bravery. @ 7, he is ready 2 take on the spooky world. "i did great," he said. "u did, " i exclaimed. "u r amazing, i am so proud of u!" i said. "hey, daddy," he said, "this was the best night of my life!" "i had a great time 2 hux!" i said. oh p.s., he was the only kid out there!
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