Mushroom risotto. No no. HERB mushroom risotto. No no no. Herb mushroom MISO risotto. Awww yeah.

Essentially, Boss Man cooks the onions and garlic and mushrooms till they're tender. Then he adds all these herbs. He was going in order, but I wasn't paying attention. I was distracted by Hec's music. He's a singer, right? So he's got this CD of his songs. It's not bad. Don't know how to describe it, but if you've ever heard people for whom English is not a native language, there are certain choices that they make (with regards to words they're using) that just throw me for a loop. Either way, I should have been paying attention, so that I could tell you guys, but I fail.

So anyrate. Then he threw in some flavourful liquid and miso. I think it was wine. Or something. Yeah. Wine. It smelled like a lovely white wine we've got here. Then he added the miso, some salt, some other flavourings, and water and rice and all that jazz. And he stirred it and made it yummy. Now the whole entire kitchen smells of roasted mushrooms and herbs and wine and other savoury aromas.

It would go great with that seitan roast.
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