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Sacred Chow-down
October 13, 2009, 10:11 am


Think: low carbon, heart- healing plant proteins. Sacred Chow’s organic field products are locally grown. Tropical ingredients are fair trade sourced: a commitment to zero human rights violations. Sacred Chow is certified Kosher-Pareve via the IKC and Tav ha Yosher: an ethical distribution of work and wages, in a safe & sacred workplace.

That’s the message on the homepage for Sacred Chow, a vegan restaurant in Greenwich Village. I usually make it a policy not to go out to eat or drink in NYU territory, as I’ve had too many experiences with overpriced crappy food and beverages. But I’d heard good things about Sacred Chow so last Friday I ventured forth.


BBQ Seitan

Its menu centers around tapas (although these aren’t really like any tapas you’ve seen before) and heroes. Now, usually, I’m a sucker for a good sandwich, but the reviews on Yelp had been quite laudatory of two tapas plates in particular: the Orange Blackstrap BBQ Seitan with spicy onions and the Indonesian Roasted Tempeh with salad. Never one to quibble with a recommendation, I went with these. And I’ll say that the tempeh was pretty spectacular, mostly because of whatever delicioso dressing they use on the salad. The seitan was reminiscent of a BBQ'd pulled pork with a sweet and tasty sauce.


Indonesian Roasted Tempeh

Verdict: I will definitely go back, and take a friend or two so that I can try more dishes. The dessert menu looks stellar and they have enticing seasonal specials, inviting repeat trips. The ambiance was dim and quirky, with string lights and an environmental Meetup group getting together while I was there. Love the philosophy behind this place and am more than willing to explore the menu further.

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