huxley and i were talkin bout combining a recipe from his korean and jewish genealogy 2 place on the chow menu. so we got 2 talkin bout foods from both cultures that he enjoys. he loves challah, matzo ball soup, brisket, bibimbop, soon doo boo, and kimchi. there r many others that he loves but we decided a good fit would be the bibimbop and brisket, so we called it: briskimbop. here we wondered if there was a term 4 a korean-jewish kid like himself, his mamacita is korean and his pop-a-jew, so that makes hux a rare mix known as a matzodooboo, no not really, that's a spicy tofu-matzo sandwich. the "real" made-up term we googled is known as: koreish. come 2 the table 4 a delish koreish (kor-ee-ish) briskimbop!
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