"people smoke marijuana."

"The word addiction is so fungible in our society, and cannabis just doesn’t fit that tidy definition, though it can be abused.”

“Science really has proven, if anything, that cannabis is likely one of the safest substances we can interact with.”

"Many people smoke marijuana every day without ill effects, advocates say, just as many casually drink wine in the evening."

"These marijuana users do not meet the clinical definition of addiction, which includes an inability to stop using the drug, an uncontrollable obsession with it and increased tolerance. It is used in many situations for stress relief.”

"Marijuana withdrawal is not nearly as severe as withdrawal from most other drugs. Giving up drinking can cause fatal seizures. Heroin users vomit and sweat for days; sudden withdrawal can be fatal."

"In fact, some doctors specializing in treating addicts would rather prescribe marijuana for anxiety and insomnia than sleeping pills or Valium and Xanax, which are highly addictive."

“People are dying from alcohol, stimulants and opiates. Marijuana may be an up and comer, it may be transforming into something that will become a bigger problem in the future, but not at the moment.”
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