consume local plant proteins.

we need 2 feel singularly-brave about the whole incredible journey. wow, what possibilities! an inner-aurora blooming in2 a bold, new universe. 2gether: strong, healthy, infirm, wounded, shamed humans, take our hands. be here, now let go, and let matter move. do not wait! celebrate consciousness! seek the lesson of stability during all encounters. quickly disregard the judgments and deficiencies u have of others as an inadequacy u will conquer. just start thinking: how interesting! think out each encounter, especially if it seems 2 confound u in anyway. reach out 2 improve the state of 2 minds meeting. create little vignettes 4 humanity and fairness. make mindful freedom happen 4 all beings on ur path. pretty hard w the summer ants! but believe it or not, change is automatic. 4 there will be less pain in the world as we r more conscious. as there is more consciousness, less consumption of our fellow beings will follow. ah, less violence just like that. how exhilarating! let me eat a grilled western tofu corn tortilla w some dill soy-mayo 2day! make change happen while u chew. thoroughly delicious! make low-carbon decisions every day. consume local plant proteins. p.s., sacred chow is made primarily from local ingredients. 1. chew. 2. make climate change.
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