choco halva crust pie!

okay so the choco halva crust pie?

it's way over the top, and easy 2 make and impresses the heck out of everyone.

here's the free association recipe 4 u 2 covet. u'll need 2 tweek it here and there, but just here and there, and it'll be perfect. and dont just use the recipe 4 a pie, think: bars, custards, cakes... it's endless really. subtract and add different flavors 2 ur hearts desire.

but 2 begin.

1. go get urself a good lb of vanilla halva, kalustyan's foods, nyc.
2. place halva in2 large stainless steel bowl, put on food-safe gloves, add drizzles of water and a healthy sprinkling of medium dessicated coconut 2 the bowl, turn halva mix in bowl w hands til dough-like.
3. oil pie round, 10" spring-form or tart shell, (pictured above: the halva choco torte in chow's walk-in w beer lines in background) cut out a parchment round 4 a non-stick bottom, oil parchment as well, sprinkle w coconut, press halva in2 shell til well-formed.
4. blind bake @ 350 4 10 minutes, place on rack. tip: if halva has shrunk a bit in2 the shell, gently push in2 place w fingers while hot.
5. meanwhile, in2 a separate bowl, squeeze & mash 1 lb of firm tofu w all fingers til ricotta-like. place in2 food processor.
6. melt 3/4 lb of dark chocolate chips. place choco chips in2 dry stainless steel bowl, cover w plastic wrap. punch holes in2 plastic wrap w fork tines about 4-5 times. place bowl on top of pot w 3 cups of boiled water. let heat 4 10-15 minutes.
7. now add1/2 cup cane sugar 2 processor,
8. w 1 T vanilla x,
9. and 1 can of coconut cream, only cream not milk, roland's is great, vegan, kosher and creamy. kalustyan's.
10. process til completely creamy, a good few minutes.
11. take plastic off choco chips, mix well w spatula til totally chocolaty creamy, add 2 food processor. process all til well-combined.
12. pour in2 shell, fill 2 top, shake in2 place. put extra in2 frig 4 frosting cupcakes, smoothies...
13. bake @ 350 4 25 minutes.
14. chill well. a couple of hours in frig, less in freezer.

ah, delicious. indulge!
gluten free y'all!
perfect w a dollop of coconut creme fraiche, one glazed raspberry and a spring o' mint.

serves 8.
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