Consistency is key

I work near Sacred Chow and have been ordering delivery from them for the past year and a half, up until last weekend. Their food is great don't get me wrong, but their management sucks. As a restaurant manager myself I feel I have the experience to know. - After receiving my order 1 1/2 hours after I had ordered it (which is the norm), I noticed that I was over charged for my Gym Body Shake, in addition the proportion I received for the Better Than Biscuits and Gravy was suddenly cut in half but still cost $11. When I called to complain, the hostess said that she was sorry but the menu prices needed to be updated and the portion I received for the BTBG had been the correct proportion as it was the owner who was in the kitchen that afternoon. Consistency is key for loyal customers, and when you screw up, you should fix it, it's basic customer service. Too bad they screwed up so bad they lost one of their most loyal, and made no attempt to repair the damage. I'll miss their food, but I won't miss getting stepped on.

post note from sacred chow: thank u rebecca 4 letting us know! and u r 100% entitled 2 a sunday brunch on the house. sacred chow apologizes 2 all of our loyal, fine customers who have experienced any lack in sacred chow's consistency. let us know, and we'll repair. sacred chow loves u rebecca!

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