less predator, more moral order

dear uncle, i have a question: what's all this 100% hardcore stuff? didn't you always tell me never to be rigid? i feel like 100% hardcore is the opposite of that. if not. whats it mean then?

dear niece, the idea of making sacred chow 100% hardcore came 2 me after i had finished reading & watching a n.y. times online review about candle 79, written by frank bruni. (see, Not Missing the Meat (Mostly))

in the video review, he was asked by one of his meat-eating guests: "do u think the restaurant would appeal 2 hardcore meat-eaters'? he sort of snickered and said: " i don't think this or any other vegan food would."

what i read and heard seemed odd and peculiar, in a jurassic kind-of-way. i know most of us view animals as henry the 8th viewed his wives, but i thought, "u must be a better man mr. bruni! think: animal protein= high carbon calories; think: less predator, more moral order; think: a good balance of well-crafted plant proteins makes less carbon, and tastes great; think: i will help build the new low carbon frontier; think: how fortunate i am 2 have the ability 2 do so in such a nourishing way; think: 2day!"

other splendorous n.y. times writers consume high on the carbon calorie chain 2. and it's shocking that during such ominous times, especially after 9-11, that they point their noble quills @ others and boldly articulate: u Betray the Planet and Humanity ! hey guys, take an index finger, and point it between ur eyes, look @ that finger, and say: first, first, first: heal thyself!


think: heart attacks, cruelty, violence, death 2 the planet!

i think of fairness, always - over and over, and over again, in every situation. thinking fair is my ballast. my physical being sails on a perfect sea-breeze in deep blues, fluffy whites and bright yellows.

so the hardcore meat-eater comment got me aching 2 be hardcore about not Betraying the Planet and Humanity. it's my # 1 goal.

it didn't feel rigid, it felt liberating!

it feels as i am channeling 100% hardcore in2 sacred chow, the mantra: "make climate change happen." navigate w fair words & deeds, and let them move through like wild winds.

sacred chow makes climate change, and that's amazing!

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