A warm blanket from G-D.

There r a few things that I am feeling terribly grateful for, at this particular moment, so I wanted 2 express 'em.

One: I love my son Huxley, truly, w all of my heart, soul & mind - every second of every day. The time that I spend w Hux is exquisite; so fresh & loving. Of all the special & exciting wonders, discovered & undiscovered, in our magnificent world: Hux is a wonder 2 behold - his face, his laugh, his humor, his intelligence, his chess game, his kindness, his wittiness, his easiness towards friends & strangers. There r the 7 wonders of the world; & then, there is Huxley, my 9 yr old son.

Two, but very close 2 One: Sacred Chow. Growing, maintaining, & sustaining sanity...building Sacred Chow in to a biz that can finally w/stand the ups & downs of a very turbulent market, is nothing short of a miracle. If anyone of you know the history, most folks would have written Chow's obituary and filed it away many years ago. My whole being was forced 2 walk sideways in darkness, along a very, very narrow mountain passage-way; my hands frantically trying 2 grab hold onto anything that felt secure; here & there, I'd stop, breath, & thank the greater powers 4 my resilience, but not my predicament. However, I didn't stop. And being able 2 dig out from what felt like a very deep grave, & 2 feel the sun & love life & others again, and, 2 have reverence 4 the universe - is nothing short of an act of G-D. I have gained more than I dreamed was possible. I now see, going thru torturous times & not giving up, even though most have written u off as mad - brings you 2 a place of peace, love, serenity, & freedom. Thank you, Universe! Thank you, Sacred Chow! Thank you, 2 the core of my inner-being 4 that secret tiny lock-box that we all store deep inside: Thank you 4 allowing ur vibrations 2 be heard above all those head-trippy surface psycho-social emotional big baggage ticket items, which seem larger than the Empire State Building. Above all, if u manage 2 move carefully on that mountainous path, and 2 listen 2 the angels gliding all around u, and if u can really see the vision, and u somehow know u will get there - despite the head-triply stuff: U will. And once u r there, u'll find a glorious, joyous, wondrous, stupendous, miraculous....u. Message: Don't give up!

Three but equal 2 One: My dear, wonderful, supportive in every way conceivable: Mom, Harriet Preefer-Reitman. And since I must wind down, and get my tookus (Yiddish 4 a persons ass) a movin' & a groovin' 2 the miracle on Sullivan Street, like right now: I must stop. But, I need 2 say, although my earlier times w my mom were fraught with tears & hate filled innuendos...every thing, every thing, every thing, all of life's ups & deep, deep downs, take us 2 where r supposed to go. It's all preparation. So hold on to the edge, walk very carefully, and most importantly: Hug ur mom! Let her know that she is truly one of those rare, special moms: A warm blanket from G-D. And tell her: Thank you, thank you, thank you MOM, I love u!
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