Halva-Nutella Hero.

When I hiked in the Negev Desert, in southern Israel, I always chowed down, after my hikes, on this amazing sandwich made from crusty, chewy bread, that was spread thick, w something like a hazelnut nutella, & then enclosed w a dense slab of sweet-vanilla halva. Oh my! I could have eaten this wonderful, texturally pleasing, palate sensation, it seemed, 4ever. It was one of the most satisfying, enjoyable mouth-feeling combinations I had ever concocted.
I love thick chocolaty-nutty textures. I adore fresh, chewy, crusty, teeth-pulling breads. And halva, for me, has such a sensually exciting taste & texture. Combining these 3 foods 2gether created an experience I continue 2 salivate over.
The bread was outstanding just by itself, as was the spread & halva. But the neutral taste of the bread along w its exceptional chew made it perfect 4 spreading this peanut buttery smooth, thick nutty chocolate cream; & then, positioning in between, this sweet wedge: the sawdusty dry, super-rich, hard-crumbly halva.
The Negev is an outstanding place to go hiking: swift gazelles glide by; Bedouins on camels mysteriously slink thru; glorious colors bounce off the Mountains of Moab & the Judean Hills; there r caverns filled w wonderfully soft limestone powder 2 hike thru; sudden rainstorms create stunning Wadis; lone indigenous inhabitants build little wood-fueled fires under large round pans, in which they bake & sell 2 travelers, warm, tightly rolled up, charred-speckled, tube bread...But nothing beat: Stopping 2 rest after a long hike, & chowing down my Halva-Nutella Hero.
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