mAkE lEsS vIoLeNcE: eAt PlAnT pRoTeInS!

True, true, true...
2 eat and not feel blue:
The only thing I do,
is dream of love & u.

U, u, u: Only u, u, u.
Nite & day,
Every day,
U, u, u.

Think of peace,
Freedom, love & peace:
All the time,
& in time,
It'll change ur mind.
U'll know deep down,
w a focused plan -
U can stop slavery,
& the carnivore cans.
It starts w me, & then w u,
& then w them:
4 a brand new end.

Spend ur love,
On world out there,
Once u do,
Folks will love u too.

Dream of days,
Where all the kids r free,
Free 2 be,
Never hungry.

Send ur love,
2 the meany men,
2 the folks who hate,
Don't deliberate.

Let's find the ways,
2 make life free.
Do it now,
Eat the sacred chow.
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