... because you helped me clean up so much.

"So I was mad at you for a moment for leaving that mess, but then I wasn't anymore. Know why?"

"Why, Bossman?"

"Because you've helped me clean up so much in other ways."

We've got an odd working relationship. Odd in the sense that it's not normal.

The norm in most industries is to have one person take all the credit for the hard work of others. It's infrequent that you hear those celebrity chefs on TV, the CEOs of major corporations, the presidents of countries, or anyone else in positions of power actively try to give credit to all the invisible people who make life easy. My boss is odd in that respect: he does offer credit where credit is due. He tells me (and the others working here) that we make the place run, that our ideas are valued, that /we/ are valued.

There comes a point when you've got to give people their due props for doing the right thing. I do so with my husband, with my family, my friends, etc. How often do I do that with my boss? Not enough! I guess I need to (as we all do) really step back and recognise that we're not islands. People are social creatures, who depend on each other for various things. Aside from signing my pay cheque, my boss is also infinitely patient, kind, and passionate about his work. It means that I'm working with someone who genuinely enjoys my company, my contribution to the food here, and my opinions.

It's nice to be wanted.

Above and beyond that, he's got this space where people feel like they've got an embarrassment of riches. I can't count the number of times that someone will come in (with gluten, soy, or sugar allergies), and say, "I can really have all of THIS!? That's amazing!" Of course it's amazing. Every time we make something, it's with the thought of "how many people can we make this safe and delicious for?" "How many seats can we make at the table, so that everyone can come and share a meal?"

How can you help but to look forward to coming to work?

So maybe it is an odd dynamic. But in a world gone mad, who wants to be sane!?
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