Separate is not equal!

Time and time again, "democratic" western governments, particularly the U.S., prop up &/or shield corrupt, heinous dictators, 4 decades; & provide them w billions of tax dollars; while big biz digs 4 big profits & pays slave wages; & the dictators squirrel away considerable amounts of the wealth; & the majority of their fellow citizens live in dire poverty; & the tyrants henchmen r directed 2 commit atrocious crimes against humanity. Then suddenly something changes: And the "friendly" dictator falls from western grace. And the next government to come, perhaps, will hold free elections & move towards a "western style" democracy; or maybe, a new hungry wolf will come to power. Either way, nothing much will change for the majority of the republics citizens. Western powers only beat their war drums loudly when a strategic interest is at play. Quite telling is the chaos that has been engulfing the Syrian regime 4 the last few months. The regime has been killing their fellow country-folk 4 their uprisings against the regime's oppression. In this scenario, the west has remained relatively quiet. However, when a very similar uprising started fomenting against the oppressive regime in Libya, which has considerable oil wealth, the west immediately decided 2 aid the rebellion 2 topple the Libyan oppressor. And forthwith, western airman in fighter warplanes were ordered to bomb the dictator out of Libya.
Similarly, we read about billion dollar companies all over the globe, producing toxic products & by-products that irreparably harm consumers, our planet, the 7 seas, our fellow beings, our water supply, soil... While these harmful products r regulated, governmental approval & tax incentives allow 4 their massive proliferation, fossil fuels, rare earth minerals, fast junk food, cigarettes..., and provide unimaginable profits that flow directly into the government's pocket-book: Toxic tax $'s!
Unimaginable profits are also the end-game 4 communist China. China has the world's fastest growing imperialist agenda; the Chinese communist government is as big as big biz can get. Freedom 4 Chinese citizens 2 profit wildly has become a part of China's communist manifesto; but should any individual, tourist or citizen, speak out against any issue that is deemed harmful 2 the Chinese "communist" government: He or she may end up in a Chinese prison for a very long time. Unlike western democracies, autocratic regimes such as China & Russia, do not provide constitutional protections for their citizens. Nonetheless, the mantra of most governments worldwide, powered by big biz is: Profits, profits, & more profits.
So tyrant leaders thru democratically elected ones, & their powerful big biz lobbying kings & queens: Keep on the war-path 2 protect their wealth & profits at all costs. Similarly, big corporations often hide the truth about life threatening problems engendered in production of their output. As w these corporations, tyrant regimes & western governments interests tend to be vested in power & profit, as evidenced by the recent nuclear disaster in Japan. This resulted from government & big biz joining forces 2 concoct rich tax incentives 4 poor municipalities; a governmental nod 2 loosen construction regulations, & 1,2,3,4 nuclear power plants were allowed 2 be built in various tsunami prone regions. W/o the proper safeguards in place, the eruption of a major earthquake & tsunami created one of the most deadly nuclear disasters.
Once the power is in place, & the wealth well protected; the majority of humanity is deemed disposable. The folks with the wealth and the power work very hard to keep their power and wealth. In most western republics, the power stays with the politicians whose hands trade favors with the money that controls them; from Presidents to Prime Ministers to most members in government. But there r some western governments that r quite admirable in their ability to find a more equal path for all of their citizens, but far too few. The Scandinavians seem to be doing it almost right; just a small % of folks have much more than the majority. But despite this, the majority of the citizens in these republics r well fed, sheltered, educated and guaranteed health protection. This sense of safety is almost unrecognizable beyond these republics borders. W constitutional safeguards guaranteed, the mantra, in this beautiful corner of the world, is: Human dignity 1st.
In America, the disparity in wealth is reprehensible. In the wealthiest cities, there r folks that have nothing to eat, no place to live, and if they have fallen very ill, their only medical solution is getting better. A tyranny, a democracy: This is pure evil no matter where it is happening. But in the States, as in most western democracies, the wealth is available, pursuant 2 constitutional guarantees, to assure that all of the citizens have equal, not separate, housing, nutrition, health-care and education; yet the scales of justice are grossly out of whack. On a freezing N.Y.C. night, it is painful to see homeless folks huddling together, appearing so hungry & cold w seemingly no place 2 call home; & then juxtaposed nearby, u see & hear other folks, laughing so loudly, exiting one of N.Y.C.'s most exclusive & expensive night-clubs, in very fine clothes, & totally oblivious 2 the huddling, freezing, hungry folks under their feet. It's so out of whack: Dickensian poverty b4 our eyes.
The U.S. President has been well-schooled 2 fully comprehend the unconstitutionality between his White House world and this dire poverty. However, it's the promise of profits 1st, not equal dignity 4 all citizens, that wins elections, & keeps the tyrants, kings & presidents in power.
So 4 today, 2moro & the days ahead of us: Come 2 the table, sit, & contemplate the Sacred Chow. Give thanks 4 ur blessings. Let's think of the ways in which we can make less violence happen; & by doing so, little by little: That beautiful corner of the world will slowly make its way around the world. Make less violence: Eat plant proteins! Open ur mind: Come 2 table, sit, eat, & share ur ideas 4 constitutional challenges 2 wealth inequality. Unless, as a country, we work like a team, we will never work right. The degree of wealth inequality is unconstitutional; such a stratum, which clearly creates 2 class types: one class that has access to excellent health care, housing, education and nutrition; and a 2nd class that is either given an inferior choice or no choice. Equal access to the same excellent medical care, education, nutrition & basic housing is a fundamental right. This isn't about access to a hair salon, but rather crucial life issues from birth onward that create unequal & separate classes. A similar constitutional challenge can be found in the seminal Supreme Court case : Brown V. Board of Ed. This constitutional challenge created language applicable 2 wealth inequality. The Supreme Court concluded: "Separate school systems 4 kids w different skin colors is inherently unequal, & therefore unconstitutional." Here, an unequal class is created from the moment a child is born based on the child's parents wealth. These fundamental rights can not be based on the child's parents wealth, but rather on the U.S. Constitution, which states separate is not equal. Thus, separate access to education, shelter, nutrition & health care is not equal. To provide anything less is deny a persons right 2 equal protection under the constitution. And any institution that receives any degree of federal funding from hospitals thru universities, that deny equal access based on wealth status would be in violation the commerce clause. "Separate is not equal!" And thus, would be in violation of U.S. Law. Come 2 the table, sit & let's contemplate the idea of the Sacred Chow; and let's ponder the constitutional challenges that await the scrutiny of the U.S. Supreme Court on issue of wealth inequality, like skin color, which denies equal access 2 rights that r constitutional. "Separate is not equal!" Come 2 the table!
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