vegan/kosher/eco tapas!

last night, 12/23/09, i had a REALLY good vegan din with brian. we went to sacred chow in the west village (sullivan between bleecker and w 3rd). it’s all vegan/kosher/eco tapas restaurant and it was so so yummy and fun. the best part? ITS CHEAP. all of our food was 25 bucks.

we had (in order of how we liked them):

cornmeal crusted brussel sprouts

tofu spa salad (sort of like chicken salad, which i dont even LIKE, but really good here)

some sort of white bean bowl

baby root vegetable latkes with (ohmygod this was SO GOOD) indonesian date butter. DATE BUTTER! what else could be better?!?!?

BBQ seitan (something about the consistency of the seitan mixed with the actual flavor of beef was just weird.)

for dessert we had:

brownie with vanilla soy ice cream, choc fudge and sprinkles. this was GOOD. it wasn’t GREAT but it was good. (although, being perfectly honest, i might not get dessert here next time…)

we also had really good sangria.

overall it was AWESOME. i love tapas in general, because i hate comitting to just one thing on the menu. and this was perfect because we got to taste a bunch of different things.


ps: in case anyone is wondering, no, i’m not vegan….YET. kidding. sort of. not. whatever. i don’t eat meat, but i love love LOVE vegan/health restaurants.


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