very kosher! Go! Just go!

Chow New York City!
Posted by Beth Newman on December 3, 2009

I have NEVER said...."hey there, you feel like a little barbeque seitan? some soy meatballs or korean tofu cutlets...." - Because I can't imagine it not complementing a nice, full bodied Rothberg Pinotage from South Africa (by the way, a classic Pinotag, native to South Africa. Big ripe tannins, bananas, cherries, and a deep ruby color....)

Perhaps, I will again....after a surprisingly delicious, eye-opening, enlightening view into the very kosher, very vegan world and all certified - please check their website for certification below - and truly, the Gamla Pinot Noir actually did taste smooth against my Asian Spa Tofu Salad and Shitake Mushrooms.... Go! Just go!
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