the red & tan line.(aka:when hux had a mommy.)

Consumed she and me, in a time we will be, something we planned quite spontaneously.

Still long away from 40 weeks, we’re at number 18 with sonogram peeks.

3 months of nausea, fatigue and a hurricane mood, then enter a desert libido sated only by food.

We spend all time together as we are quite fond, and know also the tumultuous is providing a bond. Yesterday was difficult, defiant she was, a strong wind passed through us, we managed and hugged. Feet are turning in her warm place within, it melts us together, so we nestle and grin.

Today on her own for a kitten to find, my mind traces her traveling on the red & tan line. I love her to pieces, I grow and feel sure, this woman who nurtures is simply quite pure.


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