Rabbi Valley was walking past a plumber's shop one day, and saw a most stunning looking menorah. He was intrigued, so he walked in, and had a chat with the store owner. It turned out that the store owner is Jewish, and he creates just one menorah every year, from various pipes and other materials. He displays it in his window, and if someone buys it, they buy it, and that's it. The next year, he makes another one.

Rabbi Valley is a dear friend of Sacred Chow. He brings his friends over, and has lovely parties and dinners here all the time. As a gesture of friendship and good will, he told Cliff that he'd buy us a menorah. So he made arrangements with that store owner, and had it in good time. He came by yesterday night to drop it off.

And now, the beautiful menorah stands in a place of honour in Sacred Chow. We'll be lighting the candles for Shabbos, and when it happens, Hannukah. I think it's absolutely stunning, and Cliff's a huge fan as well. Not only did Rabbi Valley get us the menorah, he even got us olive oil candles to use in it!

Thank you, Rabbi Valley.
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