let's eat & drink 2 our inner-queen esther!

found this piece below about purim that mentioned sacred chow. last year chow had its first purim party! we created lots of fun purim specials. it seems especially appropriate 2 unite this holiday w veganism: queen esther, the protagonist here, was a vegetarian crusader, and also one of the 1st civil rights heroines. as an interesting aside, purim is known as "jewish halloween," but the dress-up characters r solely about this one very powerful story. queen esther was stealth personified: @ 1st, her persian king-husband did not know his glorious queen was a jewish abolitionist; but when queen esther pleaded w the king 2 free her people, he obliged. allegedly queen esther was also one of the 1st gay rights advocates as well.

a civil/gay rights jewish vegetarian freedom fighter?
chow will definitely be creating purim specials 4 this amazing gal!

this sunday, 2/28/2010, chow celebrates purim: a celebration of endurance and triumph! let's eat & drink 2 our inner-queen esther! live 2 make life freer 4 all life. eat love: hallelujah!

A vegetarian Purim

Monday February 22, 2010
Admittedly not being Jewish myself, I know very little about Jewish traditions and meals. Thankfully, About.com's Guide to Kosher Food, Giora, is a wealth of information about Jewish traditions, food, and the upcoming Jewish festival of Purim. According to Giora, many people celebrate by having a vegetarian Purim feast to honor Esther, the heroine of Purim. Tradition also dictates eating poppy seeds and Ethiopian food, such as lentils. So, with a little help from Giora, here's a few recipes to try this year for your vegetarian Purim.

Or, if you're lucky enough to live in New York City, join Sacred Chow (a vegan kosher restaurant with a fantastic name) in their Purim feast, and let someone else do the cooking, while you tackle the eating!


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