the President of the Clean Plate Club.

whew! what a great day! i hate when i doubt myself. and some days i feel it profoundly. i woke early 2day 2 read the nytimes in the bath w an espresso roast coffee. walked out in2 a very quiet nyc sunday: not a peep but for church bells in the distance. an ethereal calm. bounced off 2 work early 2 make challah, crisp, hummus, scramble x 2, gravy, blueberry sauce, biscuits x 3, brownies x 2, truffle cake, tempeh hash, lb cakes, waffle batter along w cooking 4 a packed house. whew! it felt like a great big tidal wave. 4 a few moments i doubted my credentials, fortunately peace, grace and ease prevailed. aah! and then this beautiful gift-review sent 2 me 2day by yelp.com:

The 3 tapas plates for $15 is the best deal in town.
I am the President of the Clean Plate Club, but even I have trouble cleaning this plate. Not because the food isn't amazing, but because there's so much of it. The portions are generous and delicious. Also, I like a good veggie burger as much as the next person, but as a non-vegan, I think vegan food really shines when it's not trying to be a vegan version of something else, so I love all the awesome veggie tapas here that celebrate the vegetables. That said, you can get a great bbq seitan sandwich, so if you prefer to fake yourself out, you're covered. The space is small and could probably use more waitstaff, but I don't think there'd be any room for them, so what can ya do? Highly recommended for vegans and non-vegans alike!

delicious applause!

later in the day i am sent another gift-review from yelp.com that reads:

As a vegan New Yorker who enjoys her fair share of dining out, and only eats at veg restaurants, I've got to say that Sacred Chow tops the list. Everything on the menu is tasty -- I always want to order it all, and no matter what I end up with, I leave happy. The food is also nutritious and hearty, not oily and gut-busting. Favorites: BBQ seitan, tofu scramble sandwich (brunch), curried broccoli, cornmeal-crusted brussels sprouts. Only downside is the small, crowded space -- when the place is near-capacity, it can be almost impossible to move around -- and the service can be slow. They seem intent on only having one server on each shift, taking orders, making drinks AND running the food. Too much!

and wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles: we've come 2 the same conclusion! and we're talkin' out the remedies 2gether as a team. and knowin' that others r discussin' the same issue is simply amazin'! and yes: it is too much! which means change is in the air, and that feels great: yippee, woo-hoo!
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