"So how much bread do we need for that order? How much protein?"

For the first time in a very long time, I gave Boss Man a blank look.

"Er. I don't rightly know."

"We should know, Dino."

He's right, come to think of it. If any of this is to work, be it in business or in personal life, it's kind of important to know what input gives you what output, and at what cost. Think about it. You have a group of ten friends coming over, and you haven't put anything together as of yet, and they're heading in about one hour after you step out of the shower. Is the best use of your resources at this time to go through and do fiddly little appetisers and ignore the bigger picture (food, drinks, etc). Do you know how many cups of rice to make? How many pounds of beans to set to boil? How many bottles of juice or wine you'll need? If not, this is really a bad time to find out the hard way, so you end up getting too much, and making too much. Before you know it, the kitchen's a wreck, and you're exhausted, and have made too much of one thing, but not enough of another.

I need to step back, and pledge to myself never to give Boss Man that vacant expression again. If I don't know, I need to go find out. Nothing less is acceptable for success. Go find out! It'll be worth your while.
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