a note to thomas friedman bout sustainability.

hi tom, thank you so much for your amazing op-ed pieces. i never tire of reading what you have to say. your pieces are insightful, engaging, goal-oriented without being bombastic. just what the doc ordered!

just wanted to give you and your readers a perfect way to make our lives, and thus other lives and the planets, more sustainable & less dependent on fossil fuels: eat more plant proteins, make less violence...reduce carbon emissions. instantaneously! i am not telling the world to stop eating animal proteins, but boy would that reduce green house gases in a n.y.c. minute, and also violence; violence on every level. if you want to help make the world and your life be a bit more gentle and sustainable, begin by eating more plant proteins. and just like that: u'll feel the flow of less violence, less carbon, less dependence on fossil fuels. and perhaps, more hope and love.

all goodness to you mr. friedman! go indulge in an amazing white chocolate-coconut/tofu cream cheesecake w halva crust, savor a few chunks of juicy b.b.q. seitan or a tempeh rueben hero slavered w french dressing, kraut, spicy onions & half sours. it's all there waiting 4 u to partake in and enjoy. make change now! love your writng!

best, cliff preefer
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