The importance of ethical living.

The lovely folks from Tav HaYosher came to interview the employees to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly, and with dignity. I overheard a couple of the questions, and got sick to my stomach. One of them was "Are you allowed to go to the bathroom when you need to?" Of course, the response was a resounding "yes", because that's never been an issue here.

But the fact that they had to even ask the question means that it's enough of an issue, and has been an issue in the past. It just boggles my mind that there are people in my own city being treated with so little dignity. It drove the message home to my brain immediately: these things matter. Demanding that the establishments you spend your money at live up to ethical standards is vitally important, both for you and the people that serve you.

It also makes me thankful for what I have: a boss who genuinely cares about his workers, as much as he does about our customers.
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