ah hope, it's a beautiful thing!

ah hope, it's a beautiful thing! the world, it's such a violent, tortured place, but you and me kid, we can make it a better place. you and me, and someday maybe, little you, if we teach kindness, and communicate with love and gentleness, little by little: there will be less violence! where do we start kid? okay, here it is: if we begin by eating more plant proteins, we'll make less violence, and we'll reduce our carbon footprint. i know, i know, it won't stop the conundrums in the congo, or poverty or hunger: we're a greedy, angry lot kid, but it's a beginning. yeah, sure, the world may go pop and dissolve into nothingness; but here's the kick about this creation thing, it doesn't stop, it keeps moving, and whatever we create moves right into its ever-flow, to its far reaches and back again. so kid, let's put our goodness into the flow. no kid, i don't know how much change we'll be able to create, but we'll create change and we'll make less violence, and when less violence starts moving through you and me, and maybe through little you...then perhaps...ah hope, it's a beautiful thing!
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