You can learn something new every day.

So I was fiddling around in that Facebook app for the iPhone, and found out that you can apparently upload pictures to your business page directly from the app itself, rather than what we've been doing, which is to take the photo, email it to ourselves, download it, the upload it to Facebook, then post it and put a caption.

There are times when I despair of changes that seem to happen so frequently. Every time I go to visit my nephew and niece in DC, they seem to grow a little taller, and a little heavier. Just this last trip, I was barely able to lift up my nephew into my arms, because he'd gotten so big. I remember when I could carry him around as easily as my backpack, and he'd fit right there on my hip, quite content to hang out with his uncle. Now, the little runt is growing like a weed, and I fear he'll be too big to pick up some day.

However, part of being an adult is embracing the changes that life sends your way. Not all changes are bad, and no new learning is wasted. Even in the books that I re-read a million times (Anne of Green Gables, I'm looking at you!), I notice subtle nuances and vocabulary that I didn't see the first (few million) times around.

I guess, in a small way, it's reassuring, because it shows me that I'm actually capable of learning new things, and that the universe has given me the ability to take it in and share that.
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