Gorgeous weather, lovely feeling.

There's something to be said for suffering through the freezing cold winter, only to wake up one morning, and see the sun triumphantly shining out, and the flowers growing again. It's absolutely stunning outside. Everywhere I go, people are out on the sidewalk, wandering about, with a lazy, sauntering mood, rather than the typical high-impact power walk that most New Yorkers adopt out of necessity.

It's times like these that I wonder why they bother having New Year's in January, when everything is still freezing out. Wouldn't it be lovely to watch the ball drop on a gorgeous Spring evening, with a light scent of flowers and green things growing in the air, and an actual feeling of renewal. It's so nice to be able to open my windows wide open, and catch the incoming morning air. The smells of garlic, and cumin, and a bit of asafoetida and curry leaf mingle with the morning breezes (breakfast at my house consists of strong, robust flavours). I can feel the warmth of the sunlight through my window.

I can finally set out bread for baking, and dosa batter for fermenting without worrying about it actually taking properly. I can make pots of soy yoghurt without having to cover the thing with a heavy winter coat to keep the chill out of the pot. Kimchi is going to be amazing, because it'll get good and sour in a short two or three days, rather than waiting with bated breath while the cabbage sits and ferments sulkily in the cold weather.

I am so heartily sick of heavy stews and root vegetables. I want to eat peas, and asparagus, and all kind of other spring greens that are coming into season. I want to eat raw food, for a change. I don't want any more herbal tea. I want chilled beverages, cucumber and avocado soup, beet apple and carrot salad with peanut sauce.

I want to throw gratuitous amounts of herbs at everything I see.

I'm waiting for the summer, and all her bounty.

I'm ready to wake up.
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