The world is waiting.

What's the best that we can do?

Determine to find our unique way to make less hunger, cruelty & impoverishment happen.

Not an easy mission in our thug powered world. Think of how we behave as we pass vehicle crashes on highways: traffic slows, we get angry for the slow-down, then as we approach miles up the highway, closer to speed freedom - we slow down too, & "rubber neck" (stretch our heads) out of the car window to check out the gory details; and then, we quickly speed on forward. It seems to tantalize us: another beings pain - their degradation, impoverishment, sad predicament - we are relieved that this is not our plight; yet, we experience a degree of delight in the viewing of the carnage.

When we purchase our food choices, most of us, are so far removed from how the product made it's way to the markets' shelves or the plate before us: our consumption equation does not rest on whether our choice will harm our mental or physical being, our fellow beings, the planet. We primarily live in a cost ratio world: moving on from the car wreck - we are herd ourselves into the highest & lowest of the culinary kingdoms to consume our power over the food on our plate - speeding forward, with knife & fork, disregarding the dripping cruelty, blood lust, greed, carbon destruction & related health issues.

Most of our fellow beings live in terribly cruel, tortured, violent, impoverished and inhumane conditions. We know this. We all know this. Yet, we consume despite the harm being done, and we turn our backs. If all of us are not living in safety, then there is no safety. Is it possible to bring safety & change to our fellow beings living in such dire cruelty? If we live in a democracy, our voices & deeds have the power to make the impossible: possible. Let's make change happen!

What's the best that you can do? Find your voice, the world is waiting.
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