Uphill both ways, right?

There's times (like today), when I had to get up way too early to get to work on time (long story, get into it later), and there's a lot of work to catch up on (thankfully, food actually sold when we were open during the before and after of the storm—either our customers are the awesomest, or our food is awesome; I suspect it's a lovely combination of the two), and the dish guy just quit, and then everything comes crashing down in a wall of too much to get done with not enough time. The pie's in the oven, the food is made, and all that jazz, but there's still a bunch of stuff to get done (including vetting out the new dish guy) before leaving, which is starting to get stressful for all parties concerned.

Fortunately, in moments like these, I can stop myself from panicking, and say to myself "This too shall pass, some day, we'll find something that works". Granted, on days like this, it's difficult to believe, because everything that could go wrong, has done so, spectacularly so.

There is a ray of sunshine, however. The pie turned out fantastic.

Yes, it is gluten free.
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