Vegan Caesar salad!

Missy Maintains
Apr 9th, 2010 by Missy

Jenna and I decided to try a vegan restaurant called Sacred Chow. Jenna was at Sacred Chow once before and recommended the Vegan Caesar salad. I had to get it out of curiosity!

It was delicious! It was even better than a normal fattening Caesar salads! I have no idea what they used for the dressing but it was amazing. The croutons were little bread bites. MMM.

I also got the Hummus Salad Hero * Hummus of the day, shredded beets, carrots, Dijon vinaigrette, and our own blend of mixed greens, Served on toasted whole wheat french baguette* w/Chow slaw, pickle

This was also wonderful! The whole wheat baquette was warm and soft and covered in delicious hummus. I loved the “chow slaw” too! I guess it was shredded carrots and cabbage with a really good seasoning.

Jenna got the Mama’s Soy Meatballs * Meatballs w/ a Sicilian sauce

How good does that look?? Yum! I would definitely go back there! We talked forever and had a great time!
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