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By Jake marmer - Dec 28, 2009
One of my fav places in New York. Delicious and reasonably priced. Beautiful little cafe. Everything here is superb - including the beers and desserts. Can't recommend it more highly. Notice that not only are they kosher, but they also carry "tav chevrati" certification of being "ethically kosher", that is complying with various ethical ideas of what it means to run a just and considerate restaraunt - paying decent wages to the employees, being environment-friendly, etc.‎

I think the best way to sum this up is to say that, to me, Sacred Chow embodies the quintessential NYC eating experience. The space is funky, the efficient waitstaff is a trip, and the food is more incredible than you would ever expect from such an unassuming establishment. Start off with the Banana Bread French Toast, end with a Sinner Bar, and have a million other delicious things in between.

I went here about a week ago, when my friend Melisser of http://theurbanhousewi... was in town. I am very low on cash these days, so I decided to go with the half Hero and soup for $10 deal. I went with the soup of the day, a Mushroom Chowder. It wasn't as thick and hearty as I would have liked, but had delicious flavor. I asked how spicy the sicilian tomato sauce on the Soy Meatball Hero was, and the server told me that it was very spicy, which I like. I was pleasantly surprised when my sandwich arrived; it was huge! A delicious, toasted whole grain baguette filled with soy meatballs and piled high with sauteed onions in the previously mentioned tomato sauce. It was not extremely spicy, but delicious nonetheless. Overall, a delicious meal that wasn't overly heavy, but held me over for the entire day!
Melisser went with the Banana French toast, which is on their brunch menu. It was beautifully arranged; two thick slices piled high, topped with sliced banana and blueberry sauce. The bread they used was delicious! It was not overly sweet, and the perfect balance of toasty and fluffy. The banana flavor was not overpowering, and was perfectly complimented by the sweet blueberry sauce.
Overall, an fantastic spot for lunch. When I come into some more money one of these days, I will definitely going back for brunch!

RT @KimsHealthTips: Just ate at a little vegan restaurant in the West Village called Sacred Chow. They had amazing vegan borscht tonight. And kale salad!

Sacred Resolutions at Sacred Chow
January 21, 2010 ·
If I were a betting woman, I’d put money on the fact 90% of my audience, myself included, made a New Years resolution to be healthier in 2010. While this determined resolve usually lasts all of 10 minutes for me, my quest for fitter…healthier…more simple living…today has guided me straight to the West Village in NYC and Sacred Chow.
Ommmmmmmmm. What a find! This vegan, kosher, sustainable, Zagat rated discovery may sound intimidating to the average bar-goer, but Sacred Chow is an honest, casual, inviting restaurant that has amazing Happy Hour options for even the pickiest person.
Located on Sullivan Street just south of Washington Square Park, Sacred Chow is a quaint & quirky 30 seat café, serving delectable vegan dishes. Specialties, from tapas to desserts, organic beer, wine, fresh pressed juices, smoothies, and enormous cups of joe, round out the menu.
I enter the West Village Location not sure what to expect. From experience Vegan Restaurants can be hit or miss, but this Chow-ery is a home run. A diverse and eclectic menu of micro brews, Stouts, Blondes, and Wittes all from distinguished breweries, and organic wines grace the first two pages of the menu. Alcohol before food…now we’re talking. The guru, who designed this modest bar program, has a passion for quality bevs, Blue Point, Chimay, Omegang, Abita. Abita takes my eye. They use no preservatives, additives or stabilizers. AND thisforward thinking brewery installed the first energy efficient Merlin Brewhouse. They produce crisp flavorful beers using 70% less energy than traditional brewing methods.
As my eyes continue to scan the menu choices, they fall upon those blessed words…Happy Hour at Sacred Chow…three tapas and a draft beer for $15. A meal and a brew for under 20 bucks, count me in!
Upon my request, a sweet and demure server offers her menu suggestions. The western tofu is popular and delicious, but a bit too daring for me. I generally prefer disguising my non meat products as meat…strange, I know…but luckily mama’s “meat” balls are also a best seller. I pair the meatlessballs with some roasted shrooms and veggie latkes and sit back to take in the scene.
Glossy wood tables inlaid with checkerboards perfectly outfit the small zen space. A painted exposed brick wall glows deep red, a sensual and organic color. Mismatched lanterns whimsically adorn the ceiling. Large beautiful photographs of intriguing dilapidated structures line the walls making a resounding statement.
Then my food arrives, stirring my senses with the delicious aroma. Three plates are before me and I quickly realize I should have brought a friend. These bar bites could double as dinner. First bite veggie latke…earthy, sweet, crisp and chewy…lightly fried, not at all greasy. Every mouthful I discover a different flavor profile, each as pleasing as the last. Next bite roasted shroom…rich, dense, tender and perfectly complimented by the yellow curry dipping sauce. The accompaniment imparting a sweet, tangy, spiciness to the deeply earthy mushrooms. My last bite, the time has arrived to mangia on my meatballs and what a tongue tantalizing surprise. They are full bodied and bursting with flavor.A rich, thick, tomato sauce with large chunks of sweet yellow onions smothers the meatballs; a meal, of which, my imaginary Italian grandmother would approve. Though I was only craving a snack I found myself unable to stop eating. Picture me, three plates loaded with food, a rich frothy beer and a pint glass of carrot/beet juice I add to the order. I just can’t help myself. Definite bar-ecstacy.
Though I hit this happy hour solo, I never once feel awkward. Without a book or sufficient distraction I am surprisingly comfortable in this busy environment. Taking in my surroundings, blanketed in sixties folk music, eavesdropping on my neighbors’ conversations, I reach a sacred state of escape.
When in the mood for, tongue tantalizing treats, eco friendly alcohol, a caffeine fix or a fresh pressed vitamin packed juice jaunt, Sacred Chow is where it’s at. Conveniently located, north, east, south or west, a few blocks from the A,C,E,F,V,1,2,3,N,R,W and Path trains (phew!)…the always pumping West 4thStreet and 6th Avenue artery and a number of public bus lines; it is an embodiment of a geographic Pangea. So from now on, when I’m whipped and weary, no need to go over the river and through the woods in search of a bite and beer, I, for one, will count my blessings at Sacred Chow.

Stephen W. did this...
Black olive setian hero at Sacred Chow is the best. sandwich. ever. If you eat wheat, try this. If you don't do gluten, try the grilled Western tofu. And they have a fab gluten-free brownie sundae. (1 day ago)

From cityfeeds.com: Sacred Chow is a wonderful small restaurant and cafe with a slight hippie vibe. food is 100% vegan and organic and kosher and so so healthy and (or but still?) manages to taste amazing and rich & manages to be filling.
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