You climb to what you think is the peak ...

Yesterday, bossman got a call from his lawyer that something that's been weighing rather heavily on his mind for the past five or so years has finally been resolved, and he can rest easy now. All the hours of time spent on it is finally at an end. He signed the last cheque to the credit card where he charged those fees. He's just waiting for the final paperwork, and he can relax.

Or not. Once that little matter has been resolved, and we think we've reached the top of the mountain, we look up, and see that we've only climbed a fraction of the beast, and we've got to keep going. Fortunately, we've got each other, to support and lend courage to each other when we falter on our journey. Unfortunately, even after all this, it looks like the journey is just getting started.

I guess I'm relieved in one way. It means that we're not going to stagnate. We're going to, as is necessary for any entity, change, grow, and evolve. Things can't (and shouldn't, in all reality) stay the same, or they stagnate, and stifle creativity. With that enormous burden lifted, and the possibility to move forward without devoting a chunk of one's brain to it, we're both able to see more clearly, and to really pull out the vast possibilities of places that we can move into. It's actually exciting in its own way.

It's like, if "all" I have to do is help get the perfect team, help craft a perfect menu, and ensure that every step of a customer's experience from the moment they think of us to the moment they leave is outstanding, I'd say I've got a challenging, but definitely workable road ahead of me. We're surrounded by people who love what they do, and are excited about moving forward too.

Although I can't really see the top of the mountain quite yet, I'm pretty sure it's there, and we'll all keep climbing it together.
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