"Sacred Chow: trailblazer 4 the Tav HaYosher in the U.S.!"

Yum: Sacred Chow! A Downtown Manhattan Ethical Treat.
Posted on November 15, 2011 by ULT

When I walk through the door of Sacred Chow, and look at the Tav HaYosher displayed proudly on the front door, I am always excited and honored to eat there.

All vegan, all delicious, and with many gluten and soy-free offerings, Sacred Chow was one of the trailblazers for the Tav HaYosher in the United States.

Sacred Chow not only boasts unbelievably delicious food, but they also make a staunch commitment to using food to make the world a better place. Additionally, the people behind the counter would be pleased to speak with you about the intersections between food and activism. How cool is that?

Sacred Chow serves Tapas-style, and the best way to get the widest variety of tastes is to choose three items from their variety of delectable dishes. They’ll bring the three plates out to you on a multi-tiered platter.

I’m particularly partial towards Mama’s Soy Meatballs with Sicilian Sauce—steaming, rich, and perfectly seasoned tomatoes complete this incredibly desirable and hearty dish, and the so uniquely delicious Roasted Root Vegetable Latkes with Indonesian Date Butter. If you go before the end of the season, you’ll get in on Sacred Chow’s rich mulled pumpkin wine. Feel free to sip this next to a warm piece of their banana chocolate-chip pound cake served with hot chocolate sauce.

Did you know that you can also go there for a Shabbat meal? You can pre-pay and they will wait on you, Shabbat style. They even have a sign up in the bathroom that requests their customers to leave the light on during Shabbat hours for the convenience of their observant customers.

No, but seriously. Go here. You will be inspired by the deliciousness of the food, the friendliness of the staff and ownership, and their firm commitment to justice.

Join us on our blog as we countdown to the most fantastic, hip, whimsical, justice-filled party of the year, the Uri L’Tzedek FesTAVal! Each day, we will feature some of the amazing restaurants that have been ethical trailblazers in the restaurant industry and have signed on with the Tav HaYosher. Stay tuned for kosher restaurant secrets, little-known-facts, delectably delicious dishes, and more!

By the way, they’ve got a fantastic Thanksgiving prix-fixe menu., reprinted below:


Choice of Soup or Stew. Protein, Vegetable, and Grain of Day. Slice of Pumpkin Pie. Glass of Sangria: $45

Soup or Stew. Protein, Vegetable, and Grain. Slice of Pumpkin Pie: $42

Protein by the Pound: $12

Protein: Classic Nut & Grain Loaf (gf). Vegetable: Sweet Potato Mash. Grain: Mac & Cheese. Hummus: Sage Pesto. Beans & Rice: Japanese Kidney Beans & Kabocha w/Kombu. Soup: Silky Pumpkin Bisque. Stew: Sweet Potato-Tempeh Stew w/Tofu Dill Cream.

Desserts: Old English Pudding Cake, Classic American Pumpkin

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