Let it be, and it shall be.

It's so wonderfully pleasing to see that a Constitutional Law question:"Is 'A' Sacred Chow truly possible?," which was scrutinized during a Con Law discussion in law school; is in fact, now, a joyous reality!

As law students, we pondered: "How we, as gifted human beings & American citizens, could utilize our special nature to make less violence happen?" Well, we make less violence happen through our myriad daily deeds & actions.

I now can see -- that we, together, must first focus on ourselves; we need to make substantial progress on making less violence happen within our being: for a safer, more harmonious self; this then miraculously breeds a healing dynamic that brings the power of love & humanity to our big mama world. It is wondrously amazing! Let it be, and it shall be. Although, any degree, however manifested, is indeed: an act of G*D.

We live with an enormous amount of poverty, disease & stress that is purposely perpetrated by our planet's governments upon her citizens; which tragically works against our humane inclinations. Thus, violence, on many different levels, swallows our true sense of humanity; consequently, a life behind bars, and a prison industry beckons.

So: Is "A" Sacred Chow truly possible? Yes: I truly believe in "A" Sacred Chow, as do many, many others. Make less violence: Eat plant proteins!

And as gifted beings, we came here, to Mother Earth with our fellow beings, to find our common humanity, and to take the path that leads to less violence.

Together: You, me, "A" Sacred Chow, and the power of love & our humanity -- a conquering force. Oh, my sweet, precious Earthlings: Let it be, and it shall be.

Much love & peace, Cliff
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