thinkin' bout buildin' life wo picklin' my fellow beings!

in the market 2day, i saw jars upon jars of passover fish, stuffed & pressed compact in2 gelfite balls, lids tightly closed, prices screaming: "buy me!"

in my mind, I saw the fish struggling 2 stay in the sea, & the person pulling the line, unconcerned, thinking:"wow, what a great catch!" "it'll bring in lots of $!" "gotta make a livin!"

then i thought bout how everything: pigs, cows, worms, bad debt, u, me, r commodities: right up 2 being stuffed, pickled & pressed in2 the coffin being closed tight behind us. "gotta make a livin!"

i pondered how we can build life/biz w/o salivating about pickling and commoditizing each other and our fellow beings?

let's ponder 2gether.

here at thy table, we meet to feed on food divine, and ponder the sacred chow.

mucho love & peace 2 all!
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